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I'll see Allen later today. She wished he had more time for her.

Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits. It took them a month to move to their new office. Keep reading. Knute wants to ask Sandra something. We need a group of people we can rely on. I'm not going to worry about it. Half the office took a day off. This merchandise is tax free. He was beside himself with joy. Which street did you take?

May I speak with Judy? The casting of the statue was delayed. Why don't you tell me all about it?

I don't doubt your intentions. We used to be good friends. You must study five pages per day. How in the world did you find me?

Can I see you for a sec? She doesn't do anything else. What's another word for 'thesaurus'? What did he really mean? Sofia can do whatever he likes as far as I'm concerned. Do you have any idea what that could be? I asked them the same thing. You can buy whichever you like, but not both. You are on top of a Gaussian curve. Go and see if you can find her.

I didn't touch Arne.

I admit that what you say is true, but I don't like the way you say it. How about with you? What's the temperature now? Sometimes it's necessary to tell the truth. You sound like my wife.

Promise me you'll help Avery. Is early medieval glass production a continuation of Roman glass technology? I've always been able to beat Hazel at chess. Let's allow Alf to do that. You understand, right? I haven't seen Trent in a long time. The accident happened right before our eyes. I won't come if it rains tomorrow. Skef said he's doing just fine. His clothes are out of fashion.

I think you're drunk. I will go on a trip. What is the lowest point in Mississippi ? I'll raise you.

They have very deep convictions. He knows he did something wrong. It rained a great deal during the winter. I am sick to death of his boasts. Grinding coffee beans makes me think of all the things I haven't accomplished in life. His debts amount to a considerable sum. Charlie and I became very good friends.

You can borrow these books from the library for a week. Once you hesitate, you are lost. The way he looked at me gave me a bad feeling. Yesterday I went to Stockholm. Would you mind my using this dictionary? Out of sight, out of mind. Beckie says that he'll never come back here. Lyndon doesn't know how long he'll have to wait for List.

Mark's car is called "Thunder Giant". I'm not on duty this week. I wish to resign from my work for purely personal reasons. Stand and deliver! I gave your car. Are you in acceptable health?

They sat up talking late at night. It doesn't matter what I say, she always contradicts me. I started doing this job three years ago. There is nothing to hinder me. Could you explain to me why you think these rules don't apply anymore? Sadness is poetic. We fixed that. Now you are sixteen, you should know better.

I feel like I'm just getting comfortable with my homemaking chores. Can I make a phone call for ten yen? We're trying to track Hein down. Srivatsan is a very likable person.

Old age is merciless.

Don't you like Chinese food? Gale didn't go to the market. Nothing bothers me. It was supposed to be quiet here. Even though I'm sitting here in the sun, I still feel cold. Cathy and Pantelis are in my office. There's not enough food for all of us.