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I don't know how big Sanjeev's office is. Where do you think everyone went? A hole in one is moving on the whole. Anita quickly hid the bottle. I asked Erik to turn around.

With the rise of Puritanism the very existence of Christmas was threatened.

He never told anyone. She took offense at her daughter's behavior. Is Germany near Italy? They bought a parrot. I have never kissed a guy before. The party was anything but pleasant. I can't call him at home.

Alas, I am dying beyond my means. Sundar used to never wear a hat. I want to get a connecting flight to Boston.

She is practicing the violin now. Why don't you give me a hand? Parsnips, squash, carrots, peas and sweet potatoes are considered starchy vegetables. Pria has a lot of good ideas. Vaughn didn't want anyone to know. I want to show you something first. The teacher insisted that I should study in college. Some English adverbs function as adjectives. I don't really know what happened.

Those notebooks are mine. I'm trying to play it off as best I can for now. You don't need to make a big deal about it! He has been writing a letter. He will hire someone who speaks English. The northern half of what is today Papua New Guinea was a German colony. Let's get Nicolette out of the water. In times of crisis one should never idealise the past.

He is a stranger to fear. Do you remember the time when we were children, and travelled on a train? This is a good idea. Don't forget to wash your hands.

Get your clothes on, Dannie. Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. It is time you went to bed. Turn off the radio. Why are you bothering me?

The queue is too long at the ticket office. He believes in God, but he rarely attends Church.

I had a feeling I might find you here. Panacea puts salt on just about everything he eats. Did it rain in Boston while you were there? We're observant. You're crazy to buy such an expensive bike. He never had enough food to give to someone else. I started writing the book.

I have to admit I'm curious. You have a very impressive resume. Judge leaned over the table and kissed Robert. This diamond is fake. Phillip knew almost everyone there. Please go ahead of me, because I have something to do. That's Coleen's book. The meeting was put off until next week. Who is this, please? Would you mind telling me all about it now?

Country life is healthier than city life. Why is it necessary to resolve conflicts? That movie was pretty boring.

She's making progress in cooking. Son never leaves her house without first putting on makeup. Linda danced with other men to provoke Dan. The girl was friendly with a bright smile. We all know you don't eat meat. They became silent. I've never seen a more enticing woman than the one standing in front of me right now. I'm pretty sure Boyd hasn't gone home yet. Only I can save you. Howard misses Boston.

Taking into consideration the coming chill of winter, we cancelled our picnic. The details of the project have not been clear for the last two months. He is nothing less than a thief to do such a thing. Kyoto gets lots of visitors from all over the world. Sassan says he knows someone who's a good sketch artist. You're a mighty good feller. "My opponent has kicked many puppies." "I have not, and you know it." "Yes, you have. There is video evidence of you repeatedly kicking many puppies while cackling manically. Is this the type of person you want to be your leader?" He knows his stuff. We're in a recession. In the worst case scenario we'll just have to look as happy as we can.

We don't want to startle anyone.